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    Data warehouses

    Gepol Ltd delivers IT-tools allow of building, maintaining and updating data warehouses.

    We produce applications and tools for gathering data, creating complex databases and expanding them with new data categories. Our company creates thematic databases that meet individual requirements of our clients. We use modern technologies such as GPS, satellite and aerial pictures and conduct land inventory in order to collect the required data. Gepol Ltd possesses thematic databases which contain information about environmental and socio-economical conditions in certain administrative districts of Poland.

    Thanks to the application, our clients can easily gather and update their data, as well as conduct advanced analyses and spatial presentations.

    The database is maintained by an experienced team of programmers. The application is made in the relational database and is integrated with MapInfo, MicroStation ArcGIS, AutoCad.

    You can order gathering any information concerning every region of Poland and abroad. You shall receive up-to-date information in form of a database, digital photographs or geographic coordinates.